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24th March 19
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Internet Safety

At St Mark's CE Primary School - We think SMART!

Using the Internet safely at home

Many Internet Providers offer systems to help you keep your child safe at home, but it can still be too easy for children to access inappropriate material including text, pictures and movies. Parents can set the security levels in their chosen internet browser with this in mind.

Don't stop your child from using the information and games available on the Internet. Instead use simple rules for keeping them safe and make sure they understand them.

Simple rules for keeping your child safe

To keep your child safe they should:

  • Ask permission before using the Internet.
  • Only use websites you have chosen together or a child friendly search engine.
  • Only email people they know.
  • Ask permission before opening an email sent by someone they don't know.
  • Not use Internet chat rooms or social networking sites
  • REMEMBER to use Facebook you need to be 13 years old or older
  • Not use their real names when using games on the Internet.
  • Never give out a home address, phone or mobile numbers.
  • Never tell someone they don't know where they go to school.
  • Never arrange to meet someone they have met on the Internet.
  • Only use a webcam with people they know.
  • Tell you immediately if they see anything they are unhappy with.

Using these rules

Go through these rules with your child and pin them up near to the computer. It is also a good idea to regularly check the Internet sites your child is visiting e.g. by clicking on History and Favourites. Please reassure your child that you want to keep them safe rather than take Internet access away from them.

On-line Safety Coordinator Mrs D Trewhitt

Online Safety Nominated Governor Mr G Fairbrother

If you are worried about online abuse or the way someone is communicationg online make a report to CEOPs.  One of their specially trained child protection advisors will be able to help.


For further information go to

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