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24th March 19
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We are the Parents, Friends and Teachers Association (PFTA) of St Mark’s School.

At St Marks PFTA we welcome, friends, parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles to become a committee member, attend meetings or just be a volunteer at events. Our meetings are very informal, we look at ways we can raise funds for our school to enhance school life for the children and more importantly see what kinds of events we can run with the ‘Fun’ factor for the children.

PFTA Committee

Chairperson   Annabel Yiacoumi

Vice Chair      Rebekah Brown

Treasurer       Gemma Edwards

Secretary      Jane Hopkins

We welcome Gemma Edwards as secretary and a big thankyou and welcome to Rebekah Brown for volunteering to share the Vice Chair role.  If you are interested in becoming a committee member or would like to join us as at a meeting then please feel free to speak with any of the current committee members above.


We usually hold an event every term. Sometimes these are big events on the school field, sometimes they are smaller held in the school hall or parish hall.

More recently we held our annual summer fair in July this year, which raised a great total of £450. The Pumpkin Themed Cake Sale raised £100.


For more information on forthcoming  events see current School Newsletter.